Label Logic Provides Full RFID Solutions – All In-House!

We have the ability to inlay, print, and encode RFID tags and labels in-house! Not only can we build the tags/labels piece-by-piece, but we are also able to provide full custom RFID technology solutions – including hardware such as RFID scanners and the software to read the tags! We can provide every step of the RFID integration process, from designing and building, to testing and implementation, all in-house!

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is a spiritual successor to the barcode, and it uses electromagnetic fields to automatically transmit electronically stored information to an RFID scanner or reader. Unlike its predecessor, an RFID tag can be detected and read from anywhere within its field of influence, and it can store much more information. The basic idea is RFID gives us the ability to track any individual item, leading to more granular and detailed reporting, allowing you to more easily make critical business decisions.

How is RFID used?

RFID technology is used for asset tracking such as returnable racks and totes used to ship product by many industries.  For example, an RFID tag attached to each tote and rack you ship can ensure that each tote and rack is returned in a timely manner for the next round of shipments. RFID-tagged pharmaceuticals can be tracked through warehouses; and implanting RFID microchips in livestock and pets allows for positive identification of animals.  RFID isn’t only used for business.  Events organizers can use it to track attendees, golf courses use RFID technology to track golf balls & clubs, and casinos use RFID systems to track chips, to prevent fraud and theft.

How can RFID help me?

A better question is how can’t an RFID system help you? Using this technology, businesses can improve critical infrastructure by gaining valuable insight and visibility into core processes while reducing time lost and most importantly, costs. RFID technology has a wide variety of applications, not just asset tracking.  So the question to ask yourself, is “Where is my business losing time and money?” The possibilities are endless. Consider these uses for RFID technology:  Tracking visitors to your warehouse, or tracking supplies and tools used in your office or on the job site.


Whether you’re in the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, or retail business, we can help streamline your processes to help your team reclaim valuable time. Our five step process ensures that your assets are effectively managed each step of the way.

Every RFID project contains three parts – Endpoints (tags), Hardware (Readers), and Software (our very own in-house solution, Portal Logic).


  • Tags store an EPC, or Electronic Product Code, which is the unique identifier of the item we’re tracking. There are thousands of different types of tags, so we’ll help you select the best tag for your application and environment.
  • Readers and antennas are what allow us to scan the tag and access the EPC within. Different readers provide different functionality depending on the purpose and use-case.
  • Portal Logic is the software component of your RFID project. Portal Logic gives you a pulse on your RFID activity, allowing you to analyze data more effectively to help make critical business decisions easier. Portal Logic was built in-house, which gives us the superior ability to adjust the system to match your exact needs. Whatever industry you’re in, we will work with you to ensure you have the right system for what’s important to you.