Valued customers: We would like to assure you that Label Logic will remain open for business during these uncertain times. Our team is taking special precautions to keep our facilities safe while we continue to print and ship product on a daily basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns. Stay safe and please take care.


Custom Printed Labels for The Automotive industry

We are a leading Tier 1 supplier to the automotive Industry. Label requirements range from an oil resistant and weather proof construction, to an AIAG carton label.

Toyota, Honda, VW, Subaru, Ford, Nissan, and Chrysler trust Label Logic to print many of their automotive labels.

Toyota copy

We specialize in RFID technology, QR codes, and sequential numbering to minimize the risk of duplication.  The unique requirements for the automotive industry, for example, include: long-lasting automotive labels with security features embedded in the RFID tags to minimize counterfeiting of car parts.


This helps lower the overall cost of automotive parts sold to manufacturers around the world.  We specialize in security labels using security inks, RFID technology (RFID tags and readers), QR codes, and sequential numbering to minimize the risk of unauthorized reproduction.


The cost associated with RFID tagging of inventory is minimal, as it ensures complete end-to-end tracking of both high ticket items, as well as lower cost items which can be tracked in bulk via shipping totes (for example).  The range of RFID tags varies depending on the type of system you employ.  Range varies from 3 feet to 37 feet while the latest generation of RFID tags can be read from over 45 feet away!


Business of the Year Award


Label Logic has been awarded Business of the Year in 2013 by the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce.

Our Credentials

Label Logic is a UL, WBE, and ISO 9001:2008 registered company, which means that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards. Whatever your labeling challenge may be, we have the solution.

UL Listed Firm

WBE Certified

WBE Certification stands for Woman Business Enterprise and denotes that a woman (or women) has majority ownership and control of a business entity.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

At Label Logic, we are proud of our ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System and the high standards demanded through its continual improvement focus to be the foundation of our customer’s and our success.

Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP)

As a Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP) Label Logic has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to provide quality service and support. All ZASPs have completed extensive Zebra training.




Horticulture Nursery labels, tags, and pot stakes have unique requirements. Our products resist temperature, moisture, and abrasion. We use UV resistant inks to minimize the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays for up to three years of outdoor use.

Every label, tag, and pot stake is custom designed per your specifications. They can be private labeled with your logo, pricing and bar code. Customization is further enhanced with photos from our vast horticultural library. We have access to over 250,000 photos of various shrubs, perennials, azaleas, vines, house plants, shade and fruit trees. These labels and tags are used for many horticultural related applications.



We are able to provide the food industry various labels such as; case ready, safe handling and nutritional labels.  We also adhere to the latest FDA guidelines. Our material and inks are safe for both direct and non-direct food contact.



Beverage labels are subject to the challenges of moisture and varying temperatures on the shelf or in your refrigerator. Beverage labels are often unique sizes and shapes as well. We offer custom laminate finishes and UV coating to repel some of the moisture conditions and factors like condensation that can happen when being subjected to varying temperatures. We have a variety of solutions based on your beverage labeling needs.


We always put our customers first



Starting out of our home in 1997, Label Logic quickly grew as we realized the need for custom labels.  We then started purchasing presses and assembling the finest team of flexographic printers in the Midwest.  We found our calling and haven’t looked back since.

We provide labels, tags, printers, ribbons, and software to a wide variety of industry leaders. With a local, national, and international customer base, we are able to meet your labeling needs, regardless of location.

Custom Label Products

Label Logic offers Thermal Transfer printers, Direct Thermal labels, Thermal Transfer labels and tags.  If a problem shall arise with your printer, we can arrange an “On-Site” service call so that your printer is up and running in no time.

Our custom and blank labels along with thermal ribbon give you control of your final products. We can also provide you with software to make your custom printing projects come to life.

Call us for all of your labeling needs.


We are defined by the service that we provide to our customers.  Over the course of the past 18 years, we have consciously evolved to become a one-stop shop for all of your labeling needs. From idea to implementation, we are right there with you every step of the way. This translates to reduced lead times, hassle-free ordering, and utmost confidence that you have made the right choice with Label Logic.

LEADERSHIP  As a family owned business, we take pride in the exceptional service we provide our customers. We work together as a team to plan strategies for today’s projects and look ahead into developing technology.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – We use state of the art industry software to automate planning, organize and control resources, procedures, and protocols to ensure your projects are managed efficiently.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, or a small local business, you will be pleased at the level of service and quality that we pledge to you. 


Label Logic has been the exclusive label supplier to the Plainwell facility for the 5-1/2 years I have been the Purchasing Manager here. They supply us with a variety of labels including branded private label multi-color labels for some of our major customers and pre-printed direct thermal labels.

They have maintained our business by being a low cost provider with a high quality label. They have the highest level of customer service. We have always been able to count on them to respond to our needs immediately and effectively.”

Thank You!

– Fred D.

“Label Logic provided key contacts that made our RFID implementation possible. Due to their support, TAI successfully implemented an exceptional packaging tracking system. We were able to reduce the use of Back up expendable packaging. Reduce the storage of Excess Returnable Packaging. TAI has been recognized by customers for our achievement in this area.”

– Packaging Department

“Label Logic is a fantastic vendor not only for your superior customer service but also because everyone on your team is simply a pleasure to work with. I wish you all a very successful 2015 and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.”

Thank you! – Alex T.

“I just wanted to take this time to say that out of all of the vendors I have had the opportunity to know over my years at JBS, I will remember you the most. Thank you for all you have taught me over the years about your business.”

– Tina H.

“Label Logic is my first choice in all of our labeling needs and I highly recommend Label Logic to all of my peers and business associates.

The value and relationship that both our companies have enjoyed over the past several years is truly one that still gives hope that business is not just business, it’s a partnership between supplier and customer.”
Thank you again!

– Mike H.